Year: 1995


Stamp from North korea made in honour of the 1000ri long (250miles/400km.) journey Kim Il Sung has made on foot when he was 13 years old in 1922. He made the journey to protest the Japanese occupation by japan and did it in thirteen days.
Half the journey was on pathless track and he was exposed to wild beasts in the area. He went to a foreign country not to come back until Korea was an independed country.
Sometimes the jouney is used as a training exercise that challenges the limits of men but only by some troops such as the special forces or marines.
In 2008 a study tour for tracing the course of the 1,000-ri journey for national liberation made up of school youth and children from across the country came to a successful end.

70th Anniversary of 1000ri Journey by Kim Il Sung to Restore Fatherland 1995

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