Size: 18.5×12.5cm./7.2×4.9inch.
Weight: 116gr./4oz.
Year: 1996
Pages: 157

Book made in North Korea, 1996, written by Carlo Baeli. From the book:”Carlo Baeli president of the C.I.S> (an Italian finance group) has visited our country on many occasions. He has been recieved as a guest by our great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il. Impressed by the great leader’s noble personality, Mr. Baeli published his impressions of Korea in Italian. Our editorial board is issuing his book in English and Japanese.”.
In his book financier Carlo Baeli discusses his many visits to North Korea. Over 50% of the book lists the laws in North Korea relating to business and foreign investment. Included are the Laws of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on.

Book North Korea Kim Jong Il And The Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea 1996

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