Size: 22.5×15 cm. / 8.8×6 inch.


Big 3D postcard showing Kim Il Sung. The card is made in 1972.  You will not find quickly another card like this. And it is in 3d lenticular. A great piece to show off.
Kim Il Sung (born 1912) was leader of North Korea from 1948 until 1994 when he died. He outlived Stalin by 4 decades, Mao Zedong with 2, and stayed in power long enough to outrun 6 South Korean presidents, 9 USA presidents and 21 Japanese prime ministers. After his death his son Kim Jong Il became the leader of North Korea. The North Korean goverment to this day refers Kim Il Sung as the Supreme Leader and the Eternal President.

Kim Il Sung Big 3D Postcard

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