Size: 18.5×12.5cm./7.2×4.9oz.
Weight: 41gr./1.4oz.
Pages: 13
Year: 1975


Book from North Korea, published in 1975..
This book once belonged to Andries Oele. Inside the book you’ll find the signature of him. Oele was a well-known and notorious radical Maoist in the 1970’s in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He always stood out by standing at the back of a hall at meetings and public gatherings (such as May 1 celebrations) and shouting his slogans (“Death to capital! Long live Marxism-Leninism! Long live Chairman Mao!”). While the many small communist splinter groups were happy with any soul they could recruit, they would rather lose Andries than get rich. Nevertheless he was a member of KORO (Communist Organization Rotterdam and Surroundings).
Andries Oele worked in construction so the left-wing intellectual Rotterdam got some appreciation for this: a real worker, after all.
In 1977 Oele was caught in bed with someone’s wife. Her deceived husband immediately took a gun and shot both Andries and his own wife. A double murder. A Dutch Maoist publisher was asked to clean out Oele’s house.
Behind the frontdoor he found a wonderful house that had been completely renovated as if it were a ship’s cabin. You had to duck to go inside and could look through portholes to other dark spaces. He collected all Oele’s books, almost entirely Marxist-Leninist works and works by old Dutch socialists, such as Troelstra and Domela Nieuwenhuis.

Kim Il Sung Questions Raised By Costa Rica 1975

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