Size: 15x10cm./5.9×3.9inch.
Weight: 50gr./1.7oz.
Year: 1968


Set of 10 original North Korean Pyongyang propaganda postcards are made around 1970 and devoted to the Monument symbolized Victory of the Pochonbo Battle.
The monument stands on Kwoegungjong Hill in the central part of Hyesan and is 38.7 metres/127feet high. The monument was erected in 1967. In the centre of the monument stands the statue of President Kim Il Sung in military uniform, and behind him are group sculptures of the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters on their march, holding the fluttering red flag.
The Battle of Pochonbo was an event that took place in North Korea on June 4, 1937 under the command of Kim Il-Sung (North Korea’s first leader from 1948 to 1994), then 24 years old, during the anti-Japanese fight in the Korea.

Postcardset Pochonbo Monument 1968

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